“Under their influence, the horizons sprung wide and fear went away, and the unknown became knowable.” – John Steinbeck

Opportunity Academy Middle Leadership Team

Meg Schmidt

Assistant Principal, Culture

Cody Stephenson

Assistant Principal, Academic Support

Lizzie Stewart


Zak Zupko

Dean of Culture

Instructional Team

Jeronica Anderson

5th Grade Apprentice Literacy Teacher

Cydney Bodenhamer

5th Grade Numeracy Teacher

Brian Bowman

8th Grade Numeracy Teacher

James Carillo

7th Grade Numeracy Teacher

Alex Castillo

ELL Teacher

Rob Collins

8th Grade Level Chair & Physical Education & Health Teacher

Krishon Davis

7th Grade Numeracy Teacher

Amy Dondero

6th Grade Numeracy Teacher

Matt Forchetti

8th Grade Science Teacher

Sharon Hodge

5th Grade Level Chair & Prepster Support Teacher

Susan John

6th Grade Level Chair & 6th Grade Numeracy Teacher

Abel Munoz

5th Grade Financial Literacy Fellow

Grace Patton

7th Grade Literacy Teacher

Jack Ratliff

7th Grade Science Teacher

Emily Reding

6th Grade Literacy Teacher

Kate Robbins

6th Grade Literacy Teacher

Reneisha Rudder

8th Grade Literacy Teacher

Kira Scales

5th Grade Science Teacher

Sam Singleton

5th Grade Literacy Teacher

Zac Tucker

Enrichment Coordinator & 6th Grade Financial Literacy Teacher

Zac Williams

7th Grade Financial Literacy Fellow

Mark Williamson

8th Grade Numeracy Teacher

Leanna Yost

8th Grade Literacy Teacher

Zak Zupko

6th Grade Science Teacher

Operations Team

Cindy Magana

Office Assistant

Andrew Dorris

Operations Associate