“An accountable school is one where the outcomes have been defined and measured.” – Dr. Lorraine Moore

We are transparent about results. Check here at the end of each academic year for updated information about our school and student performance.


According to 2016-2017 TVAAS growth and TN Ready achievement data, our students are leading the city and state on both measures.  Our students’ performance and results prove that Intrepid is succeeding in our mission to transform educational outcomes for students in Southeast Nashville.

Intrepid scholars placed #4 in the district for Math achievement in Grades 6-8.

Intrepid is #1 in MNPS achievement for Hispanic scholars in open enrollment public schools in Grades 6-8 Math, and #2 overall.

96% of Intrepid 8th graders achieved on track/mastered status in Algebra 1.

Intrepid College Prep Schools have been recognized as Excelling Schools under the MNPS Academic Performance Framework in every year of operation.


A student’s access to admission into the college of his or her choice depends significantly upon his or her ability to demonstrate mastery of college preparatory curriculum. To support that goal, we aspire for above-grade-level proficiency for all students. Our internal assessments are aligned to the end game of college rigor and are an unparalleled resource in driving student learning. We also use external assessments such as state tests and the Independent Schools Entrance Exam in middle school, and the Advanced Placement and ACT exams in high school to define classroom rigor and prepare students for college entry and completion.


Student academic growth (value-added increases, year over year) is the most important measure of a school’s success. Looking at growth ensures that Intrepid College Prep answers two interrelated questions: How well does this school prepare students? and Are students learning more over time?


Intrepid College Prep is uniquely committed to serving all students. We enroll scholars in all grades regardless of how far behind they start academically or how challenging their home environment may be. Upon acceptance, Intrepid College Prep students are greeted with the same expectation that they will rise to our high expectations, put in hard work, and succeed in college as learners and leaders.