Independence Academy

Independence Academy is a public charter school that will welcome an inaugural class of 110 9th grade students in August 2017. Growing one grade level each year, Independence Academy will educate approximately 400 students when it reaches full growth.

Independence Academy will offer students a challenging academic curriculum, business development courses, and college readiness support to ensure that every student gains admittance to selective colleges. At Independence Academy, our core values build upon the PRIDE values of Opportunity Academy while integrating these additional values of Transparency, Enthusiasm, Mindfulness, and Activism into our culture. With a focus on strong character and leadership development, students are prepared to excel in college and earn professional opportunities.

Independence Academy is open to all students who are residents of Davidson County. Apply for the 2017-2018 school by filling out an application here.

  • Campus Leader: Bryan Kariuki
  • Address: 5221 Hickory Hollow Pwky, Antioch, TN 37013
  • Contact: 615-334-0070
  • Year Opened: 2017 (launch year)
  • Number of Students: 90; grade 9
  • % Special Education: 6%
  • Student Demographics:   55 % Hispanic, 19% African American, 26%  other
  • % English Language Learners: 16%

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