5 Commitments for the Next 5 Years


In January, Intrepid College Prep celebrates¬†its fifth anniversary. We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished in Southeast Nashville over the last five years. We’re sobered by the work we must continue to do to establish a feeder pattern for our students to and through selective colleges.

For the last year, we’ve been working with Building Excellent Schools and Bellwether Education Partners on our strategic plan for 2016-2021, which will take us through the first graduating class of our high school.

We reflected on the teaching and learning within our schools and dug deep to figure out how to address the following challenges:

1. Minority and Low-Income Access to Gifted and Talented Programming
2. Increasing Tuition-Costs at Selective Colleges
3. Student Loan Crisis
4. Low Rates of College Completion for Low-Income Students
5. Inadequate Support for Low-Income Students on College Campuses

As we prepare to tackle these challenges head-on, we’ve committed to five goals over the next five years.

1. College Readiness: We plan to enable 88% of our 11th and 12th graders to earn a score of 23 or higher on the ACT.

2. College Matriculation: We plan to enable 100% of our high school alumni to enroll in a selective four-year university within 24 months of high school graduation.

3. College Affordability: We plan to assist 80% of Intrepid families to consistently save using 529 and similar tax-advantaged vehicles to offset education costs. Every dollar our families save for college is a dollar they won’t have to borrow.

4. College Completion: We plan to establish supports to ensure 90% of Intrepid alumni earn four-year degrees within six years of high school graduation.

5. Expanding Access to High-Quality Seats: We plan to educate 1,000 students in grades K-12 by 2021.

Our theory of change and theory of action requires your help!
Learn more about our strategic plan below.

Intrepid College Prep Schools Strategic Plan 2016-2021