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New Teacher Cohort

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If you’re a graduate student or working professional looking to start your teaching career, your experience from the professional world can help lead students to academic and personal growth, starting with the Intrepid New Teacher Cohort. As part of this program, non-certified teachers can jump start their teaching career through targeted professional development, hands-on, full-time teaching experience, and certification support. Coming into your own as a teacher is a journey, so we intentionally built our program to develop your moves in the classroom and strengthen your wellness beyond the classroom.


Setting you up for sustainable success
  • We will explore the why and how of proven teaching techniques with plenty of authentic practice and coaching support, equipping you with the skills to thrive.
  • As you pursue certification through the Relay Nashville licensing program, we’ll be there for you with tuition assistance that will cover 80% of tuition costs along with logistical guidance and Praxis test support.
  • Additionally, anyone pursuing an Exceptional Education (SPED) certification, as part of our EE Fellowship, is eligible for an additional $2,000 scholarship for any/all out-of-pocket certification costs. For more information about our EE Fellowship in INTC, click here.
  • You can count on a starting salary of a lead teacher of at least $49,500. If you have prior professional experience, you could be eligible for a starting salary increase up to $69,000!
Building a foundation together
  • The new teacher learning curve can feel steep. We’ll be by your side as you scale it, investing in your wellness in life and success in the classroom so that this work is sustainable.
  • You will feel the power of community as your cohort grows together through peer-to-peer feedback and joins to celebrate each other's wins.
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Associate Teacher Cohort

Established 2012 Established 2012
Gain the skills and experience to lead your own classroom

Intrepid’s Associate Teacher program partners new teachers who are hungry to grow with experienced mentor teachers who are passionate about developing their fellow educators. Working side by side with your mentor teacher, you will take on increasing responsibility as you go from observing excellent instruction to co-teaching content to leading your own classroom by the end of your first year, setting you up to be a lead teacher the following year. You will gain skills in delivering content and creating classroom culture while also having the time and space to develop strong professional habits, support across the school community, and prepare and plan effectively. Successful completion of the program is celebrated with a stipend dedicated to furthering your education as you move forward in your teaching journey.

You can count on a starting salary of $44,500 as an Associate Teacher.


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When I started at Intrepid, I fell in love with the school atmosphere. I loved the structure of the school, the support I received, and having a coach who was dedicated to giving me feedback. I’ve grown so much as a teacher since being here."

- Brandi Forbes

I know my coach looks out for me. I am really close with my coach - she allows me to be creative but also helps me create rigorous content. At the beginning, we did co-teaching, which was really helpful as a first year teacher. It helped me build my craft as a teacher."

- Sommora Pollock

I have grown so much from the coaching and support I've received at Intrepid. I was thinking about quitting education, but now I can see my future in education. At Intrepid, I've gone from being burnt out to building a career in education.

- Khadija Nisar

At Intrepid, we’re all focused on the same mission and goals, and no one is in a silo alone. Intrepid has been intentional about building relationships among adults. As an educator, you need to feel like you aren’t drowning alone in the deep end."

- Bianca Lowe

We’re constantly trying to improve and bring teachers into the decision making process. We want to create a school that supports teachers in the ways they need to be supported. It’s a place where your voice is heard and respected."

- Hannah Feutz
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