“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” – Rosa Parks


Intrepid College Prep is always looking for intrepid individuals whom share our fundamental beliefs that demographics are not destiny and that all prepsters can achieve on the path to and through college.

We hire great people and provide the team, support, and resources to educate every prepster toward success in college and beyond. Blue-Chip teachers and leaders, much like “blue-chip stocks,” have a much deserved reputation for quality, consistency, and the ability to deliver returns despite adversity. To begin the application process, view our current openings.


All full-time employees receive a competitive salary, opportunity for discretionary bonuses, and comprehensive health and retirement plans. We pay 75% of the costs of all plans (Employee, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Child, Employee + Family).

We also offer generous paid family leave at 12 weeks at 80% of salary.


Everyone at Intrepid is supported professionally with live and video coaching and develops rapidly through a personalized professional development program.

Learn more about our two-year teacher residency and partnership with RELAY Graduate School of Education. Apprentice Teachers that successfully complete the program receive tuition-assistance.

RELAY Nashville Teacher Residency Program


Intelligent. Our school is designed to attract brilliant teachers and staff whom are humble and smart. Our teachers are content-experts who meet our prepsters where they are and move them toward mastery. We study student achievement data closely, work collaboratively, and think on our feet to solve problems, using peer-to-peer coaching and school-wide accountability to achieve excellence.

Nice. Being nice is necessary for teamwork.

Tenacious. We work hard and work smart with perseverance. We stay focused despite challenges. Our Blue Chip Team is stubborn about excellence and does whatever it takes to ensure prepsters are achieving and growing as students and positive leaders.

Ready. The urgency of our mission requires readiness. We expect our prepsters to advance more than one grade level across subjects each year. Coupled with the intensive remediation that is often necessary to close academic gaps, educating our prepsters is not for the faint of heart. Time is one of our greatest levers and we do everything in our power to use it efficiently. We are one team achieving one mission and we provide our Blue Chip Team with the supports needed to be successful in reaching our goal.

Enthusiastic. It is an honor and privilege to work with our prepsters every day. Our Blue Chip Team is excited to teach, lead, and grow at Intrepid College Prep.

Patient. Blue Chip Teachers and Leaders are patient without undermining high expectations for academic and behavioral excellence. We are patient with our prepsters and with each other but we also find and implement solutions urgently.

Imperfect. Our Blue Chip Teachers and Leaders possess the humility to take feedback and the willingness and fearlessness to implement it. Even our most experienced teachers and leaders continue to operate from a growth mindset. We use our feedback and observation system on a daily basis, not to judge the quality of our teachers, but to find the most effective ways to coach them to improve student learning.

Driven. Our Blue Chip Team strives for the highest standard of excellence in their professional practices because that is what our prepsters need and deserve. We know that school-wide academic success is not the result of a magic bullet or one 100% solution, but rather 100 1% solutions.

The Application Process

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Intrepid College Preparatory Charter School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital or familial status, national origin, citizenship, or disability.