Intrepid believes all students, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or home language deserve a quality, rigorous college preparatory education.

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More Learning Time: All of our schools are dedicated to making learning time sacred. A student at Intrepid earns an extra year of learning for every four years they are at our schools. Two Grade-Based Academies: Opportunity Academy (5-8) and Independence Academy (9-12). Across middle and high school, students move developmentally and seamlessly towards college.
More Literacy: Our approach to literacy development is holistic. Students develop a love for reading through an interdisciplinary approach to reading and presenting challenging texts in all content areas. Discussion-Based Model: Educating English Language Learners, we nurture and grow oral literacy skills so that all students develop excellent conversational, debate and self-advocacy skills across content areas.
More Math: Math is everywhere. Our students problem solve in math courses but also talk about math to analyze case studies in financial literacy courses. Reading/Writing Across Curriculum: Students build reading and writing skills in every class with attention to texts and response papers of varying complexity and length.
More Financial Literacy: Our eight-year scope and sequence exposes students to deep study of Personal Finance, Business Fundamentals, Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship. Students Lead in the Classroom: We establish norms that create high-trust and high-support learning environments. Within that structure, students confront learning challenges and reach rigorous conclusions.
More Entrepreneurship: Most schools prepare students to join the workforce. We prepare students to lead and create the workforce in the future. Joy: Teachers are intentional about engaging every student in daily lessons and celebrating every student in their quest for long-term achievement.


Intrepid College Prep is open to all students who reside in Davidson County who meet state age requirements with no review of grades, test scores, or past academic experience. Families can apply online here or apply-in person at either campus.