Intrepid believes all students, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or home language deserve a quality, rigorous college preparatory education.

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More Learning Time: All of our schools are dedicated to making learning time sacred. A student at Intrepid earns an extra year of learning for every four years they are at our schools. Two Grade-Based Academies: Opportunity Academy (5-8) and Independence Academy (9-12). Across middle and high school, students move developmentally and seamlessly towards college.
More Literacy: Our approach to literacy development is holistic. Students develop a love for reading through an interdisciplinary approach to reading and presenting challenging texts in all content areas. Discussion-Based Model: Educating English Language Learners, we nurture and grow oral literacy skills so that all students develop excellent conversational, debate and self-advocacy skills across content areas.
More Math: Math is everywhere. Our students problem solve in math courses but also talk about math to analyze case studies in financial literacy courses. Reading/Writing Across Curriculum: Students build reading and writing skills in every class with attention to texts and response papers of varying complexity and length.
More Financial Literacy: Our eight-year scope and sequence exposes students to deep study of Personal Finance, Business Fundamentals, Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship. Students Lead in the Classroom: We establish norms that create high-trust and high-support learning environments. Within that structure, students confront learning challenges and reach rigorous conclusions.
More Entrepreneurship: Most schools prepare students to join the workforce. We prepare students to lead and create the workforce in the future. Joy: Teachers are intentional about engaging every student in daily lessons and celebrating every student in their quest for long-term achievement.


PRIDE Values: Everyone models and practices the school’s core values of Professionalism, Rigor, Initiative, Discipline and Endurance. PRIDE Shares System: Students take ownership of school culture and learn about corporate finance through our PRIDE Shares system. Students earn shares by showing PRIDE.
Clear and Constant Communication: Weekly syllabi w/goals, agendas, assessments and behavioral/academic reports; biweekly family phone calls; monthly newsletters; trimester report cards. Sweating the Small Stuff: We train, support, and hold all students to highest academic standards, beginning with adherence to Code of Conduct, Honor Code, and Attendance policies.
College Readiness: Our school culture is designed to help students identify as young people committed to completing a four-year college degree. Summer Enrichment: Summer enrichment programs such as Center for Talented Youth, the Breakthrough Collaborative, EPGY Summer Institute, Youth About Business among others.


Planning for Excellence: 16 days of professional development prior to the first day of school; 13 full days of professional development over school year for data analysis and coaching. Tight Feedback Loop: Daily classroom visits with informal feedback and 2-week observation/formal feedback cycle strengthen teachers’ ability to drive achievement outcomes.
Intrepid Fridays: Weekly professional development meetings support subject-based and grade-level teams and whole group training equals 82 additional hours of professional development. Backward Planning: Starting with the end – standards and skills students need in pursuit of terminal degree, college, on AP, SAT, ACT, ISEE, and TCAP exams.
Double-Planning: Lesson plans scripted 2 weeks in advance, outlining not only what the teacher does, but also what students are doing every minute. Sheltered English Immersion Protocol: Intensive PD during summer and throughout year to implement, modify and adapt successful instructional strategies for English Language Learners.

Intrepid College Prep does not discriminate in admission by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or any characteristic against which discrimination is prohibited by applicable law, and operates on a nondiscriminatory basis throughout the institution.


Intrepid College Prep is open to all students who reside in Davidson County who meet state age requirements with no review of grades, test scores, or past academic experience. Families can apply online here or apply-in person at either campus.  Metro Nashville Public Schools runs our spring enrollment lottery.  Following the lottery,  families will be notified via mail regarding enrollment status. Intrepid College Prep offers preference to siblings of those students enrolled in the school at the time of the sibling’s application. Sibling applications must be submitted prior to the lottery deadline to receive preference in the admissions process.

The application for the 2019-2020 school year is open now!   To be entered into the lottery, applications must be received by February 1st, 2019. To apply, fill out an application here.


Our partnership with families begins long before the start of the school year. A warm and demanding school culture begins with a two part series called Parent University during the period between enrollment and the first day of school.


We host a series of mandatory information sessions to inform families about what to expect in the upcoming year.  Attendance at these meetings correlate to the highest rates of attendance, achievement, and satisfaction throughout the school year.

Opportunity Academy Parent University

  • Thursday, March 7th, 5:30 pm
  • Saturday, March 30th, 9:00 am

Independence Academy Parent University

  • Thursday, March 21st, 5:30 pm


Prepare for Excellence. Intrepid College Prep is a small, safe, tuition-free college preparatory charter school serving students in grades five through twelve. Our primary goal is to ensure that every child who steps through our doors in Opportunity Academy Middle School is prepared to be successful in Independence Academy, our high school, and to enter and graduate from a selective four-year college or university. Click here to learn more about Why Families Choose Intrepid.

Our Opportunity Academy Family Communication Cycle includes:

Parent Universities and Handbooks: New families are introduced annually to the school through three 90-minute sessions, where parents learn about school expectations and receive Student and Family Handbooks.

Syllabi: Every Friday, prepsters receive weekly syllabi, outlining all assignments for the week. Parents sign weekly syllabi and return to school as part of the Friday HW requirement.

Homework: HW is assigned to students five times per week. Parents in Opportunity Academy sign off on homework assignments daily to check for completion.

Phone calls: We communicate with families daily about mandatory Homework Center assignments, morning Tutoring sessions, Detention, and other time-sensitive scheduling matters.

Brokerage Statements: Every Friday, prepsters receive weekly Brokerage Statements – an academic and behavioral progress report reflection for the prior week (Friday-Thursday) to share with families. Students return them on Monday signed by a parent or guardian.

Newsletters: All families receive a monthly newsletter, The Prepster Post, detailing academic highlights with a focus on academic growth, student achievement, and school successes.

Cafecitos: Monthly, we host morning coffee hour – a forum for families to communicate concerns, ask questions, get to know one another, and receive pertinent information from the school.

Family Literacy Nights: Each trimester, the English Language Arts team hosts Family Literacy Night – families learn best strategies for holding their children accountable for a lot of independent reading.

Conferences: At the end of every trimester, every prepster receives an academic progress report, which is the focal point of student-led family conferences.