Silicon-Valley Startup Partners with Intrepid



Silicon Valley Startup Announces First-of-Kind Partnership with Intrepid College Prep

CollegeBacker partners with Intrepid to help low-income students kickstart saving for college

Nashville, Tenn. (Nov. 28, 2016) —Intrepid College Prep, a successful charter school in Antioch, has taken on a college readiness mission with a twist – ensuring all of its alumni graduate from selective colleges debt-free.  After opening its doors in 2013, the middle school—now educating 375 students in grades 5-8—began teaching financial literacy as a core subject. Now that its founding class is months away from entering high school, Intrepid has set its sights even higher and plans to partner with each of its families to create a financial plan for college.  That’s where CollegeBacker comes in. CollegeBacker is a Silicon Valley startup that offers an easier way to create savings accounts specifically designed to pay for college. At CollegeBacker, the goal is to encourage saving for college so the economic burden of enrollment isn’t as large when it comes time to matriculate.

“This work is absolutely integral to our commitment to college readiness,” Intrepid College Prep Founder and Executive Director, Mia Howard, said. “A college degree, alone, does not guarantee a break from the cycle of poverty. Financial habits have to be developed alongside academic ones.”

The average college graduate in the U.S. exits with $30,000 in student loans.  Intrepid College Prep believes that students need to be prepared for college academically, socially, and financially to really thrive on college campuses. Now in its fourth year, Intrepid is ramping up its financial literacy and business focus in a few ways.  Students at Intrepid’s middle school, Opportunity Academy, learn an accelerated financial literacy curriculum that allows them to access the rigor of college-level courses in business by the time they get to high school. Independence Academy, the 9-12 high school campus, is set to open in August 2017. At Independence Academy, students will take the equivalent of four courses based on the Wharton School undergraduate concentration, Social Impact & Responsibility.  Starting in January, the school will offer long-term financial counseling to all of its students to help families reach college savings goals.

“We are incredibly excited to announce this partnership with Intrepid College Prep,” CollegeBacker Founder & CEO Jordan Lee, said. “Our company is on a mission to provide all families with equal access to the right tools and information needed to prepare financially for college. It’s not enough to simply send students to college; we need to ensure that the next generation will graduate without the burden of massive student-loan debt. With this partnership, we’re bringing families together and empowering them to support their futures like never before.”

Intrepid will formally announce its partnership with CollegeBacker at High School Preview Night on Tuesday, November 29, 2016. The event is being hosted at 2401 Edge O’Lake Drive.

About Intrepid College Prep

Intrepid College Prep is a growing network of college preparatory, tuition-free schools in Nashville, TN.  Intrepid educates 375 students in grades 5-8 at its flagship middle school campus, Opportunity Academy. Independence Academy, a 9-12 high school opens in August 2017.  Intrepid College Prep has been recognized as a Tennessee Reward School, placing it in the top 5% of public schools in Tennessee.