Intrepid College Prep equips every prepster and scholar in grades five through twelve with the academic foundation, financial literacy, and ethical development necessary to excel in selective colleges, earn professional opportunities, and demonstrate positive leadership.

Who We Are

We operate from a core belief that student achievement must be measurable, transparent, and constant.

Intrepid College Prep is a free, college-prep charter school in Antioch. Currently, Intrepid educates students in fifth through eleventh grade across two campuses, Opportunity Academy Middle School and Independence Academy High School. Within our seamless 5-12 model, Opportunity Academy prepsters become Independence Academy scholars on a path to excellence in higher education and the professional world beyond.


The majority of students in Antioch-area public schools are low-income students, students of color and English Language Learners, all of whom only have a one-in-ten chance of completing a four-year college degree. Moved by these statistics, as well as a history of low literacy and math achievement rates, founder Mia Howard created Intrepid College Prep in 2012, and welcomed its inaugural class in 2013.

Intrepid College Prep was established to help change realities for Antioch-area students, and to provide a college preparatory choice for parents and families. With a deeply committed team of experienced urban educators, we are motivated to close both the academic achievement and wealth gaps in Nashville.

Intrepid believes all students, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or home language deserve a quality, rigorous college preparatory education.


Preparing Intrepid College Prep scholars to transform the 21st century means that every Intrepid College Prep scholar must possess:

  • Strong knowledge of academic content
  • Problem solving capability
  • Creativity and the ability to work with multiple ways of representation
  • Motivation to learn, intellectual independence, and ability to self-educate
  • Communications skills (oral, written, teamwork, and interpersonal skills)
  • Global awareness, vision, a sense of human responsibility and ethics

Our Model

More Time: Intrepid College Prep has 180 highly structured days of school with extended learning time for tutoring and extra-curricular activities. Our days are designed to promote and incorporate academic achievement, quality instruction, demanding curriculum, and individualized support.

Redefining “College Prep” : Our curriculum has a focus on college preparation, financial literacy, and ethics, which are all essential for success in higher education and the professional world beyond. Additionally, we focus on character from a performance perspective, teaching students to embody our PRIDE values – Professionalism, Rigor, Initiative, Discipline, and Endurance and TEAM values – Transparency, Enthusiasm, Activism, Mindfulness.

Teacher Talent: We invest in exceptional teachers to achieve exceptional results, and devote substantial resources to attracting and retaining our team.

Literacy-Rich Curriculum: Starting in fifth grade, Intrepid College Prep stresses literacy in the classroom and strives to help all students develop a lifelong love of reading.

Measuring Results, Not Intentions: Data-driven instruction is the cornerstone of our academic program. We administer frequent external and internal assessments, modify curriculum as needed, and provide immediate support to every scholar so that they achieve the best academic results possible.

Culture of Success:  Our small school environment provides the platform for high levels of learning, student achievement, and efficiency. In middle school, we use tight transitions during instruction, economy of language, and clear systems to maximize instructional time. In high school, we gradually release scholars to adopt individualized supports and systems so that they are prepared with independent decision-making skills, the power of autonomy and self-awareness during the college experience.